Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Civic Responsibility

Today I am off to be selected, or not selected, into a jury. I've never actually served on a jury, so this is certainly going to be interesting. Even if just in the experiencing of the process.

It's interesting to me that anyone I've told that I have jury duty has tried to give me advice on what to do to get out of being selected. First off, I am incapable of lying, so telling me to make up anything is just not going to happen. But secondly, if everyone is trying to get out of jury duty, then won't it be hard to assemble a jury of peers? Of course it's an inconvenient time to be out of work, and certainly I don't want to be sequestered for the next six months of my life, but it seems that it's important for someone to be willing to serve.

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Monica said...

Other than the inconvenience, I have never understood people's reluctance to serve on a jury. Matt served on one once, and it wasn't horrible; it turned out to be really interesting.