Saturday, November 04, 2006

Marathon Training: Week 15

This was a good week for running. There were a couple of days that were colder than I like, but my husband even joined me for one of the four-miles runs during the week, so it was fun. Lots of firsts this week:

  • First time I ran a marathon in a single week. Actually 28 miles.
  • During my long run, I matched my previous long run of 11 miles,
  • And then I completed the 12 miles I was supposed to do two weeks ago,
  • And then I completed my first half-marathon,
  • On my way to completing a 14-mile long run.

    I did cheat a little, employing that staple of the endurance athlete, GU. But considering how badly I cratered in my last long run, I decided that wimping out was less bad than sitting on the side of the road trying to have enough energy to continue.

    RC said...

    good luck on your training.

    if you're training in austin, then at least you have those awesome paths, etc. to run on.

    best of luck.

    mr. kyle said...

    Since when is GU cheating? Hard to see how you could plan on running for 4 hours plus without them. I had trouble keeping some of them down and the new gel blocks are much tastier IMHO.

    Keep up the good work.

    Heather said...

    rc, the only problem is that so many of the Austin routes are hilly beyond all that is hilly.

    mr. kyle, I hate the gel blocks. I can't get past them feeling like Dots candies (which I like, but it's an odd association).