Sunday, January 27, 2008

Visiting Austin

Continuing with the catchup phase of my blog, we find ourselves in the middle of December, and in Austin. I keep finding an excuse to make a trip to Austin about once a quarter. This time it was to train a new person for my team. Conveniently, that coincided with the company holiday party, and my husband's food poisoning back home. I can handle most all kinds of injuries and illness, but puking puts me completely on edge, so I'm happy I missed that little adventure.

As far as the trip to Austin, I'm glad I went, and wish I hadn't, all in the same breath. I love seeing everyone, and I really feel I have to stay a while to catch as many people as I can, but it's also so tiring. Partly, I've become a wimp, but I just can't stay up until 11pm every night. I just wake up between 5 and 6 each morning, even on the weekends. So, after 10 days of 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night (and I'm strictly an 8-hour night girl!), I was really tired. Tired Heather leads to grumpy Heather and it's not pretty after that.

As much as I love working from home, I find myself needing to be in Austin periodically, just so the people I work with don't forget about me. And those are stressful visits, where I'm working, but not getting anything done for all the meetings and conversations I get pulled into. Not sure what to do with that, but it's been weighing on me. I think the unansweredness in my head is what made it hard to finish this short, little post.

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