Friday, February 01, 2013

Updating the Cough

Caleb was doing better with the cough. We were even able to skip the rescue inhaler a couple of times, which was awesome. And then he got another virus.

It's not terribly surprising that he gets sick. RB and I work full time, and Caleb goes to daycare. We like the facility and the teachers, and he's in a really small class. But he's still around 4-6 other babies on a daily basis. And it's winter. Even in Texas, that's prime time for germy goodness.

We took him to the docter and had this virus tested -- not the flu. Course, there are 37 gazillion other viruses out there, but whatever. He ran a fever for a few days, including a really fun afternoon with a reading of 103.2. That led to me reading the "fever" section of Dr. Sears' book, and doing whatever we could to get that fever down. The strategies worked, and he was doing better, but he was still so stuffy that eating was difficult.

Fast-forward past the fever to just the stuffiness. The wheezing is pretty well gone (which seems to make the medical-types more nervous), but the stuffy nose is out of control (which they don't seem to worry about but, seriously!, he can't eat!). We went to our followup with the pulmonologist, and now we're on another set of nose drops and an oral medication to add to the mix, plus daily chest physical therapy (basically we lay him in weird positions and hit certain places on his chest/back for about a half-hour every evening). I'm starting to think I need a medicine scheduler for my little dude! I can't imagine what people with sick kiddos do, but I can totally see why a parent generally stays home full-time in those situations.

And through all that, he remains a happy little guy that wakes up from a nap with a smile on his face, who loves to laugh and can't wait to figure out crawling. Melts a momma's heart.

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