Friday, June 09, 2006

Full, Loud House

Today, my family converges on my house in preparation for Danskin Triathlon weekend. As a family with a high female makeup, a women-only triathlon is just the thing for us. Here are the players:

My Mom: She's the root of the stubbornness that us kids exhibit. She finished the race last year out of sheer determination to do so. She laughs loud.

My Sister: A's the "crazy" sister. She's in the Navy, working on a degree in nuclear engineering which will allow her to be an officer. We should all be worried. She talks loud.

My Little Sister: C's the one that still lives at home. She'll be a junior in high school next year, and she keeps the rest of us young. Or makes us feel old and loud.

Me: I'm not quiet either.

So, when the four of us are together (and we try to limit the frequency of this occurrence), we are a generally loud group. My husband is considering getting a hotel room for the weekend.

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