Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Arrivals

Today, the new appliances we'd ordered arrived in our garage. Now, normal people would have had them installed, but we're not normal, so we paid to have them delivered, but my husband wants to install them. So, now what do we have sitting in the garage?

We have a new dishwasher. But instead of a regular dishwasher, we got dish drawers. This is basically two separate one-rack dishwashers sitting on top of one another. When your whole household is only two people, half a dishwasher is generally sufficient.

We also have a new stove. This is one of those fancy ones with a wok burner. Based on my family's history of living in Asia, I love to cook various Asian foods, and regular ranges just don't get hot enough for good stir-fry. Instead, with the current stove, I tend to end up with boiled food rather than stir-fried food. Most unsatisfying. But this should fix this. For my husband, the Baker, it also has a convection oven. I have never used one, and can't really envision what will be better about it, but my husband assures me the cookies will be cooked more evenly and the bread will rise better. I figure if I can have my fancy burner, he can have his fancy oven.

With the new stove, we had to get a new vent hood (the old one hadn't worked in years). It's pretty strong, and is likely to pull my hair off as I cook.

Anyone wanna make any bets on how long it will take to get these installed? One week? Two months? Longer?


Aaron said...

Doesn't installation usually come free with delivery? I guess it's all about experiencing it. Good luck. Hope you have a two-wheeler.

mr. kyle said...

i'm just stoked to find out what that funky looking burner on our new stove is. guess now I need a wok.

Heather said...

Aaron, we saved about seven dollars on the whole purchase to not have the appliances delivered.

Kyle, if you actually decide to get a wok, let me know -- I can help you find a good one!

Heather said...

Of course, by "delivered", I mean "installed". Sorry -- it's early. :)

Aaron said...

Wow! If you saved seven dollars off the hundreds you probably spent then I guess it's worth the trouble of bringing them home and installing them yourself.