Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Random Ten

This week, here's what I was given:

"The Fly" by U2 on Achtung Baby
"Something Going On" by When In Rome on When In Rome
"Heartbreak Hotel" by Stan Freberg on Dr. Demento's 25th Anniversary Collection
"Whatever Get You Thru The Night" by John Lennon on The John Lennon Collection
"Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks on The Hits
"Rock Around with Ollie Vee" by Buddy Holly & The Crickets on From The Original Master Tapes
"Keeping My Eyes On Him" by Geoff Moore & The Distance* on Pure and Simple
"Private Investigations" by Dire Straits on Money for Nothing
"Open Up the Sky" by FFH on Have I Ever Told You
"Over My Head" by Fleetwood Mac on Greatest Hits

Wow. A whole pile of lackluster songs. The only good one in the batch is the little FFH number. It's especially apropos today, while it rains ash from the nearby wildfire that was supposed to be contained and then wasn't. You'd think it was snow, but it's 22 degrees (Celsius -- that's about 71 Fahrenheit, folks) outside, so I'm pretty sure that's not it. Maybe I'll take a picture of one of the grayed-out grape leaves and post it so you can see how much is really falling. It's icky, and I don't think I'll be going for a run this afternoon.

*Groups I've seen live

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cat said...

ooo yes put a picture up.