Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Morning Random Ten

My Friday sort of got away from me yesterday. But I got up early this morning to do the random ten! Okay, I get up early every morning, but let me pretend it was just for this.

"Unforgetful You" by Jars of Clay* on If I Left The Zoo
"I Will Not Go Quietly" by Don Henley on The End Of The Innocence
"Sometimes By Step" by Rich Mullins* on The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 2
"After You've Gone" by Trout Fishing In America* on Closer To The Truth
"Another Time, Another Place" by Sandi Patty and Wayne Watson on Another Time, Another Place
"Miss Otis Regrets" by Bette Midler on Experience The Divine
"It's All Too Much" by Joe Jackson on Laughter & Lust
"Trouble Among the Yearlings" on Country Cooking
"Four Rows of Jacks" by Mannheim Steamroller on Fresh Aire IV
"The Way That I Miss You" by Wayne Watson on A Beautiful Place

In looking at this list, I am reminded of the day I won the A Beautiful Place album from the radio station I listened to at the time. I was in high school, and I had no money to buy much of anything. They were running a contest where you had to identify a sound and what Bible story that sound went with. I called in, got through, and got the right answer (it was the sound of the curtain to the Holy of Holies in the temple ripping from top to bottom when Jesus died), and they mailed me the tape. I only ever won two tapes off radio contests, and they were both Wayne Watson tapes. I've since purchased this one on CD to have it be in iTunes, but I've never replaced the other one, which is weird, because it's one of my favorite albums with a song on it that always makes me cry. I think it's because I loved that tape. It was my first, and was during the phase where my dad hated my music choices and didn't even want to be reminded what I listened to, much less to allow me to purchase my own music. It was a good thing I won this one. At some point I had a tape player that tried to eat this tape, and to get it out of the player I ended up breaking the tape, and most of it spooled out of the case. I spent hours winding one side of the tape back into the case and more hours with a toothpick with some tape on the end trying to fish the other end back out of the depths of the case. Once I had it all unkinked and threaded correctly, I taped the tear together on the back side, and hoped against all hope that it would still play. Success! It does still play, even though there's a little irregularity in the middle of the song on either side when it has to play over that repair. And now I wonder if I'll consider those two songs "damaged" if I were to get a crisp new CD that played them perfectly.

Well, I think I've talked myself into a purchase. Gotta go do that now!

* Acts I've seen live


Stephanie said...

I miss seeing your determination -- live and in person. It's one of my favorite Heather-attributes. This was a great way for me to be reminded of what a great, hardworking, determined person you are!

Heather said...

You say determination, I say obsession. Your adjective sounds nicer. :)