Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Random Ten

I've been on sabbatical. Or something. Like the random ten is hard on my brain. It's hard on iTunes, I tell you! Here's what I got this week.

"Just Never Say It Enough" by Wayne Watson on Home Free
"Joe" by The Cranberries on To The Faithful Departed
"Underneath The Bunker" by R.E.M. on Life's Rich Pageant
"I Can't Stop" by When In Rome on When In Rome
"In Your Care" by 4HIM on The Season Of Love
"Cry for Love" by Michael W. Smith* on WOW 1996
"House of Faith" by Geoff Moore & The Distance* on A Friend Like U
"Common Creed" by Wes King on WOW 1996
"Heaven Knows" by When In Rome on When In Rome
"La Linda" by Hewlett Crist on The Rio Grande Songs II

It's weird to have two cases of two songs from the same album in the same Ten. And this was such a sleepy set that I now just want to go take a nap. Is that bad on a Friday afternoon when there are dishes to do?

* Indicates acts I've seen live.

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