Friday, September 21, 2007

Strange Sound

I got up to start working this morning, and heard a strange sound outside. Wouldn't you know it -- it was raining! It didn't last long, but it did get the ground wet, which was nice to see. This is a big deal to me, because it's the first rain we've gotten out here. It rained once before, but not even enough to wet the sidewalk. This time wasn't much either -- just barely above the official "trace", but it was real rain. Rain you could hear and feel and see. It was nice.


Stephanie said...

Lack of rain is Daniel's #1 reason to move. He enjoyed hearing about the lack of rain. You see, when it doesn't rain, cars don't get dirty as quickly. Around here, with the afternoon showers, the rain gets the cars dirty. It's even worse if you drive the car on wet streets. (I didn't learn the intesity of this in my household until the last few years.)

Heather said...

Come on down! We'd be happy to see you more often for certain!