Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Death and Taxes

Today I would prefer death to taxes. Well, not really, but man did they suck this year. Combine the fact that we sold our big deduction-stuffer with moving to a state where we have to pay 10% income taxes over and above the federal taxes, and they just were not pretty this time around. The sales tax is maybe half a percent higher in Texas with no income tax, so this was a rude, rude awakening. Where does all that money go? I can tell you it doesn't go into the highways. At least not the ones I drive on. I feel like I'm paying the state government for the good weather. I'm just going to assume that money is used on services that don't apply to me, which while not particularly ideal, makes me feel better than some alternative idea that some politicians or lobbyists are getting fat on my 10%.


Stephanie said...

I hate taxes. I cannot express the disdain I have for them. The anxiety they cause me is ridiculous. There is no logical reason for me to freak out like I do, but gosh, there has to be another way. I think I'd keep my TX residency and only have a second home in CA. Ahhh...when I'm rich! :)

Heather said...

CA taxes give you every good reason to freak out -- make sure to keep your house (and earnings!) in Texas!