Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Random Ten

I am continuing my proces of seeing what kinds of music Pandora might be able to introduce me to. As I mentioned last week, I am working through my list of concerts as a starting point. The headliners at my first Jars of Clay concert were a group called PFR. I had a crush on the drummer for nearly a year, but whatever. Great Lengths was their third album, and that was the tour I saw. They were not the best pick for the small venue where I saw them -- they were too loud and rocked too hard for that space, and I remember thinking they were going to blow speakers or something. They were fun, but were vastly overshadowed in my mind, at least, by the acoustic set of JoC, and while I bought PFR's next album, they were pretty well on their way out of the scene already then. It was sad, and I ecstatically bought their 2001 reunion album, only never to really be sucked into it. Great Lengths, however, was a phenomenal album, even though I'm sure you've never heard anything on it. Also, it's surprisingly difficult to find videos on YouTube from a defunct band that didn't have massively wide appeal. Go figure. So, while I had grand plans of spending time figuring out my favorite PFR song and posting the video, instead, you'll get the only one I found out there. It's a pretty good song off GL called "Wonder Why."

"Trials Turned To Gold" by PFR* on Great Lengths
"Wait For Love" by Not The Joneses on Not The Joneses
"Waiting for the Summer" by Delirious? on Touch
"I Will Boast" by Phillips, Craig & Dean on Top Of My Lungs
"Spinnin' Round" by PFR* on The Late Great PFR
"The Sweetest Sound" by Stereo Motion on Stereo Motion
"Love's Cry" by Roads To Rome on Love Rain Down
"Restrained" by Seven Day Jesus on The Hunger
"Faithful" by Fee on We Shine
"Pray For Rain" by PFR on The Late Great PFR

So this was an interesting foray into Pandora-land. I actually hadn't even heard of a lot of these groups, but it was generally interesting listening. Some of it was campy, but most of it was pretty good. I haven't yet been motivated to go out and purchase anything as a result of this experiment, but I can see how that could happen.

* Acts I've seen live

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