Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Random Ten

I had a relationship in college that is a little difficult to characterize. I enjoyed his company, and he enjoyed mine, but we never dated. We went on a lot of "dates", however, including the TFIA concert and this week's concert featuring John Michael Montgomery in College Station. See, I was his back-up girl when he got stood up. I would say we were friends, but, um, we were more than that. Ahem. Towering over the dysnfunctional relationship we had, was this particular concert, though. JMM showed up drunk and performed much too long and poorly, as a result. I wasn't much of a fan beforehand, and that experience didn't really motivate a change there. I remember little of the actual concert except that as he finished the applause was half-hearted, and yet he came back and did a 20-minute instrumental encore that got even less applause, partly because people left during it. I also recall that he mentioned -- several times -- what a great place The Dixie Chicken was. Clearly, he had spent a lot of time there that day.

Anyway, here's what Pandora gave me for Mr. Drunk Performer.

"Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)" by John Michael Montgomery* on The Very Best of John Michael Montgomery
"Neon Moon" by Brooks & Dunn on Brand New Man
"Friends In Low Places" by Garth Brooks on No Fences
"The Chair" by George Strait on Fifty Number Ones
"Cover You In Kisses" by John Michael Montgomery* on The Very Best of John Michael Montgomery
"Best of Intentions" by Travis Tritt on Down The Road I Go
"If You See Him/If You See Her (featuring Reba McEntire)" by Brooks & Dunn on The Greatest Hits Collection II
"Me Too" by Toby Keith on Greatest Hits Volume 1
"You Won't Ever Be Lonely" by Andy Griggs on You Won't Ever Be Lonely
"I Swear" by John Michael Montgomery* on Kickin' It Up

I have to say I was surprised at how many of these songs I knew. And if I didn't know the specific song seleted, I knew other songs by that artist. I have very little country music in my collection, I don't listen to it on the radio, and I don't have any friends that are country music fans. However, I've enjoyed dancing to country music ever since my time at Texas A&M. It's easy dancing at its, but can be flared up nicely, depending on the abilities of the dancers involved, especially the lead in my case, since I'm not a particularly good dancer. Now I'm itchin' to go dig out my Rockies and my Justins and two-step the evening away. As such, my video for this week is of the Aggie Wranglers, a performing group that makes jitterbug look like it should, and not like I'd do it (though I can do some of the simpler moves).

* Acts I've seen live


Anonymous said...

OMG I am e-mailing you a couple of videos of me when I taught and competed in Country & Western dance. You'll either laugh or be impressed, I don't know which. It's funny watching this, though, my old teaching skills came back and I found myself thinking, "that's not the right way to do that" or "I am sure glad you practiced that a lot, because you could break an arm doing it that way." I guess as much as you can be with C&W, I am a snob. :)

Heather said...

I completely forgot that you used to teach dancing, and I don't think I knew you competed. I'm all for a critique of what they do, but no worries -- I won't be doing much of any of that.