Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Random Ten

I hadn't done a random ten since my concert roundup this summer, so I was ready to get back to my iTunes list (and away from the homogeneity that was the Pandora selections). Here is what it sent my way as a welcome back present.

"You Picked Me" by A Fine Frenzy on Single of the Week
"Overture" from The Phantom of the Opera
"Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" by Neil Diamon on The Essential Neil Diamond
"I Hold Your Hand In Mind" by Tom Lehrer on Song & More Songs
"Acrobat" by U2 on Achtung Baby
"Big City" by Merle Haggard on His Epic Hits: The First Eleven
"On the Wings of a Dream" by John Denver on The Very Best of John Denver
"The Everlasting" by Geoff Moore & The Distance* on Pure and Simple
"Needful Hands" by Jars of Clay* on God of Wonders
"X Amount of Words" by Blue October on Foiled

And the randomizer wins! This has got to be the weirdest collection of songs I've ever had come up. Current rock, old rock, Christian rock, old country, show tunes, and novelty music. How does that all fit in a single random ten? It's wacky, but I liked it. Welcome back, indeed.

* Acts I've seen live


George said...

Note, too, this might be the one time we both have the same artist (Merle Haggard) in both our random tens.

Perhaps the world is going to end.

Heather said...

I noticed that, too, and it caused me a similar amount of consternation.

The end of the world is likely, I think.