Monday, September 01, 2008

I Know, I Know, But There's a Good Reason

So I've been MIA for a couple of weeks. Mostly I've just been depressed and had no motivation to write anything about my boring life lately. But I've also been catching up on the well-written Crash Course Widow blog, as should you. She writes so clearly about the process of grieving the of loss her husband in a freak bicycle race accident.

We leave Friday for GB's bike ride to Oregon.

I'll let that just sink in for a moment.

Yep, I'm a masochist. I've been reading about bad things that can happen while bike riding just before we embark on the 700-ish-mile ride to the state CCW lives in. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Meanwhile, we've been in the throes of final planning this weekend. The route is almost set, and the list of stuff to bring with us now spans two pages of the notebook. The bike is in the shop for a final tuneup. Additional supplies are on their way to us via UPS and the USPS. Shelf-stable groceries have been purchased. Food for the week has been planned to maximize protein intake.

And we leave Friday.

The basic plan is that I will drive and he will do all the riding. He'll eat some fruit and a protein bar in the morning, and then ride about 50 miles. I'll leave in time to meet him at that point in the ride, and then we'll eat brunch, replenish his liquids and food to carry with him for the next 50 miles, and I'll continue on to the rendezvous end point for the day and get checked into the hotel before he gets there. He'll eat as much as he can at that point, which should be in the early afternoon, and then he'll take a nap. I'll wake him up for dinner and then he'll go to bed. Repeat for about a week, until we reach Ashland on the south side of Oregon.

You'll be hearing from me a lot during the trip, as I try to chronicle this trip in all its strangeness. To start the week off right, I'm adding a poll on the sidebar of the blog for you to weigh in on your thoughts on our trip before we start. As such, this poll is coming down on Friday when we leave, so get your votes in early. If you feel your choice for a response to this plan is missing from the poll options, let me know in the comments.


Stephanie said...

First, I've missed you.

Second, I think I'd like to have a vote that includes all of the above! I'd love to "ride" with you for one of the trips; it kind of is better you than me, mostly due to the panic attacks I will officially begin Thursday night; who wouldn't rather drive the coast (other than GB); I've always thought you two were a little insane! ;) Good luck!

George said...

Best of luck! Keep thinking about how fun it will be. (It will be fun, right?)