Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Random Ten

"The Vow" by Geoff Moore & The Distance* on Home Run
"Dancing Anne" by California Guitar Trio on Cg3+2
"For All You're Worth" by Petra on No Doubt
"It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You" by George Strait on Greatest Hits Volume II
"The Music of the Night" by Andrew Lloyd Webber on The Phantom of the Opera
"The Dance" by Garth Brooks on The Hits
"Talk Soup" by Weird Al Yankovic* on Alapalooza
"The Farmer and the Queen" by Shel Silverstein on Where The Sidewalk Ends
"Father & Son" by Cat Stevens on Greatest Hits
"Turn You Inside-Out" by R.E.M. on Green

Nothing stellar here. I do like "The Dance" in the liking-songs-that-cause-emoting-even-though-it's-a-bittersweet-emotion way. Otherwise, the rest of the pile I could take or leave. Maybe next week will be better.

* Acts I've seen live

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