Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thank You

I'm feeling rather gushy and happy after last night's crowning of Barack Obama as President #44-elect. So, I wanted to throw out a few words of thanks.

Thank you to the American people, for heeding my request to give the Democrats the best chance they had to win the presidency. Thank you for voting and not just becoming complacent and staying home when it looked like the election was in the bag. Thank you for recognizing the Palin stunt for what it was and for seeing through the campaign of everyone's favorite Republican-with-an-independent-streak to recognize that 2008 McCain was not 2000 McCain. I love you all.


Stephanie said...

Wasn't it great that we saw one of the most significant, and hopefully positive events in history??? We even voted early. Of course he didn't carry the state, he did win in our county.

Heather said...

Yeah. Good stuff all around. He carried my county, too -- isn't it crazy how close Texas ended up being??