Monday, December 22, 2008

A Basketball Realization

The most recent basketball game I went to was a snorefest. A&M forgot to play about half the game (the first 10 minutes of each half) and then had to play catchup against SMU. The only redeeming quality of the evening was that SMU was still worse than us so we could still get the win.

While sitting there watching a game that I couldn't have been more detached from, I realized the player numbers were all five or less for each of the digits. I decided this is to make it easier for the referees to indicate who the foul is on. A three and a four is easier to handsign with one hand than a nine and a six. Of course, they could use sign language for the larger digits or they could use both hands, but it just doesn't appear that they do.

Does anyone know if that is an across-the-board rule, or are their basketball players with numbers above 55?

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