Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Random Ten

"The Politics of Dancing" by Re-Flex on Living in Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits
"A Fifth of Beethoven" by Walter Murphy on Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack
"The Sad Cafe" by Lorrie Morgan on Common Thread: The Songs of The Eagles
"Andante in C Major" by Mozart on Luthern Summer Music Camp
"The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun" by Julie Brown on Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection
"(Get a) Grip (on Yoursel)" by Stranglers on Living in Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits
"Cello Suite #2 in D Minor" by Bach, performed by Pablo Casals on The 6 Cello Suites
"Farewell Blues" on Country Cooking: 26 Bluegrass Instrumentals
"(Don't Go Back To) Rockville" by R.E.M. on Eponymous
"When You Are Old and Gray" by Tom Lehrer on Song & More Songs

Not sure what's up with the eighties music followed by classical instrumentals. And then there's that weird seventies disco adaptation of classical music. The themes that iTunes comes up with can be a little odd, but when I've been gone for so long, what can I really expect?

* Acts I've seen live


James said...

You have your cartoon monster.

(Which I realize is a fairly cryptic statement)

George said...

Welcome back to blogistan. And why is the Stranglers' cut, which is from 1977, on a best of the 1980s compilation?

Heather said...

James -- cryptic, yes, but oddly comforting. (and I will be checking out my monster shortly.)

George -- no idea. probably just to sell CDs.