Monday, February 13, 2006

Alert: Further Basketball Commentary

Today, another Big 12 coach appears to be reaching imminent dismissal. Eddie Sutton, coach of Oklahoma State for the last ... well, for forever, has been cited for drunk driving in an accident last week. So, while he is recuperating from the accident, the administration is deciding when to end his season.

I am certainly not justifying his behavior. I'm only commenting to wonder what is happening to the coaches in my conference? Why are they making themselves targets for mid-season removal? Are they trying to prove that the Big 12 sucks this year? Are they hoping to ensure that only the winner of the conference will get to go to the Tournament?

I do realize that my Aggies are barely marginal this year, and we'd be lucky to be picked up for any post-season anything. But I would hate for us to finally have a good record, finishing fourth in the conference or something, and then not get to go to the Tournament. I suppose that's the breaks when the conference isn't very good this year.


mr. kyle said...

Do you make your life hard on purpose? I mean really, an Aggie fan in one thing. An Aggie BASKETBALL fan though, that's just masochism.

As for Sutton, I'm not following it as closely as you, but something tells me he'll survive. And if he doesn't he won't be unemployed long. Hell, even Dave Bliss has a job (I think I heard that).

BTW - if I failed to notify you, my newest effort is at

Heather said...

I know. I really wish I would have realized I liked basketball *before* I went to college, so I could have gone to Kentucky or Duke or something.

mr. kyle said...

Well you know, and I don't want to blow your mind here or anything, you're not contractually obligated to support the teams where you went to school. You might even try rooting for the Horns (though they'll break your heart in the tournament). However your diploma does obligate you to always remember the difference between cows, heifers, bulls, and steers. This is non-negociable.

Heather said...

It can't be helped. Now that I've gone to A&M, I am guaranteed to be an Aggie. It'll be nice one day when they're finally good, and I can say I've been a fan for the last 50 years or whatever. No fair-weather fan stuff here! Meanwhile, I can't root for UT. It's more fun to laugh at them when they self-destruct in round 2 of the tournament.