Saturday, February 18, 2006

Schizophrenia Runs Rampant

Looking over just a few months of blog entries, I've figured out my problem. I have no one topic to focus on. I run my mouth, er, fingers over whatever random topic comes to mind. I've read blogs that can be characterized by one topic, and ones that tend to stick with 3-5 topics that maybe even go together. These seem coherent. Almost like novels that flow from chapter to chapter. But not mine. I am left to assume that the disorganization on the screen is a reflection of the disorganization in my mind, and that led me to the conclusion that I'm schizophrenic.

Now, I'm a highly-functioning schizophrenic, in that I can hold down a job and generally maintain friendships. I haven't needed drugs to control my disease or hospitalization to keep me from killing anyone or harming myself. But there it is -- with no focus, there must be something wrong with me.

Or maybe, I'm a hypochondriac labeler.


mr. kyle said...

It does say 'in all her strangeness'. Schizophrenic is one way to look at it. Or you could go with 'diverse'. How about 'multi faceted'? Although, it might be a more compelling read if you aimed for 'certifiable'.

James said...

You're okay as long as your blog doesn't start writing back to you.

Seriously, I sometimes wonder if my blog is too broad, but then I decide it's okay. Some of us are generalists, renaissance people who refuse to specialize and are instead interested in many things. At least that's what I tell myself.