Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another Year Older, And Deeper in Debt

Today is the point of no return. We can no longer cancel the enormous refinance we just did to take out some money and do some work on the house. So, we went from having paid down our mortgage pretty decently to suddenly owing more than we purchased the house for in the first place. Ah, the American Dream lives -- to build more and more debt over life.

Really, this is a good move for us. We are planning some significant changes to the house that will make it more liveable and interesting, and likely to sell better in the future. Regardless, they're the kinds of things that need to be done for us to enjoy living here again. And it just doesn't make sense to move since we might only be here in Austin one more year. Yes, I know -- it doesn't make sense to dump a bunch of money in if we're going to move soon either, but we're considering being landlords, so it may not be a complete waste. Either way, there is restless energy that needs to go into some level of change, and this is a better investment than other ways to use up that kind of energy.

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