Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Car In the Shop

Last week, my car was in the shop getting some work done on it. As a result, I didn't have my car. I know that sounds obvious, but it's surprising how those things don't all come together in one's brain at the appropriate time.

The first day, my plan was to bike home. So, I packed the bike into my car when I dropped it off at the shop and headed to work. After work, I got on my bike, and rode about a mile before crashing into a curb trying to avoid an approaching car and getting a nice flat tire. So I walked. My husband met me about halfway home and drove me the rest of the way.

With the bike pump in the trunk of the car at the shop, That option was out for the next day. My husband took me to the office the next day, and I took the bus home (or to happy hour, depending on how you look at it). That was an experience. I enjoyed the reminder of why it's fun to people-watch in such a format: the woman reading a book; the two men conversing in an Asian language; the guy who talked to himself the entire ride.

I rode in the next day, too. Here, I found the people-watching at the bus station. People in uniforms trying to get to work, and people who didn't seem to have bathed in weeks. It was incredibly interesting to me, who hasn't ridden a bus since highschool.

As I neared my destination, I actually got off too early, and had to walk a few extra blocks. It was nice to walk a ways, though. It gave me some extra quiet time, some time to think through my day and get to a good place to start into it all.

With a monthly pass costing just $10, I think I'll have to look at riding more often. It's an awfully relaxing way to get to work.

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