Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Devil Dog

We have decided that our sweet Shiner is the Devil Incarnate. I present for you the evidence:
  • He has a forked tongue, much like a snake or a lizard or other Satanic-ish animal. It looks like it's probably a birth defect, rather than an old injury, because the two halves are wider than one tongue. But there it is: about an inch of split tongue-ness.

  • He kills small animals and eats them for breakfast. Or lunch or dinner. So far, his body count sits at 5 -- 1 possum, 1 cat, 3 birds. That we know about. He is a terror on the furry little animals, and the neighbor dogs greet him with barking meant for a gladiator-esque scene. I think they enjoy the bloodsport that our back yard provides as entertainment.

  • He makes Darth Vader noises. We haven't fed him out of a food bowl since his first week here. Instead, we feed him out of a plastic ball that he rolls around for a half-hour or so to sprinkle food out on the floor. He has learned to bring the ball to us when we tell him to, but when we walks around with it in his mouth, his breathing sounds like Darth Vader in his mask.

Okay, so it may not be the most compelling information ever, but he does seem to exude Death everywhere he goes. Maybe he's a Death Dog, instead of a Devil Dog.


James said...

Forked tongue and Vader sounds. Wow. Could be a hell hound you have there. The question, though, is does he share his kills? You know a possum stir fry in that new wok might be right tasty.

mr. kyle said...

I give you credit for helping to rescue dogs and all, but honestly, this dog sounds... terrible. Cat killers must be brought to justice.

Heather said...

We have been thinking about him long and hard lately. We'll keep you posted on any action taken.