Saturday, July 22, 2006

Convicted Person Found Here

I have allowed my appeal period to expire in my traffic ticket case. I received a ticket back in January for running a red light. I'm convinced I didn't run any such light, so, I plead not-guilty, and went to court. The cocky part of me didn't hire a lawyer, and I lost. With a reduced fine, but I lost nonetheless. I believe that may actually have been the most stressful situation in my entire life. It's taken me a month to even post about it, for goodness sake. Regardless, I now have a conviction on my record for the next three years.

But, here I am to find the silver lining in that cloud. The week after I lost my case I had no trouble with my solo in church. I guess there was something about doing something else much more stressful that made singing not seem like such a big deal anymore. Now I have another one tomorrow, with none of the old butterflies.

Very nice, but why did it have to take something so sucky to fix the other phobia? And what can I do to get over the fear of heights?

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Aaron said...

I'll still read your blog, but don't expect me to keep company with you. :o)