Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This weekend we made multiple-daily trips over to the Old Mission's parking lot. Why would we go, repeatedly to a section of asphalt? Because this weekend was the I Madonnari street painting festival. It was a lot of fun to watch the progression of the various chalk masterpiecens. I went over on Friday afternoon as the painters were taping off their areas and sketching out their grid or the general shapes of their planned project. On Saturday, you could see segments of pictures be completed, and Sunday and Monday added more parts. It was neat to see the artists at work, wondering what they were doing with certain colors, and seeing how their art took form. It almost allowed us outside viewers an insight into how the creative mind works.

Of course, I thought about taking this challenge on in a future year. I've worked with pastels before, and I wasn't too bad. And then I realized there is a reason I work with computers. It's because I hate kneeling on the concrete for three days straight.

Bravo to all the madonnaras of this year's festival! I really enjoyed watching you work!

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