Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Random Eights

With a day like 08-08-08, and with it falling on a Friday no less, I've decided to pull together my eighth tracks (as opposed to eight tracks), and jumble them together for you. This left out any EPs and albums with really long tracks, since they didn't have 8 tracks on them. Also, any albums that had lots of tracks still just get the one entry -- no 16th tracks or anything like that.

Here are the random eighth tracks for you.

"I Got a Cheese Log" by Trout Fishing in America* on Merry Fishes to All
"Ice" by Sarah McLachlan on Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
"French Rockin' Boogie" by Geno Delafose on Zydeco Essentials
"I Believe" by R.E.M. on Life's Rich Pageant
"If Not For Love" by Wayne Watson on Home Free
"Prince Ali" by Robin Williams on Aladdin soundtrack
"I Just Shot John Lennon" by The Cranberries on To The Faithful Departed
"When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin IV

Way to go, iTunes! You done good -- even though eighth tracks tend not to be the strong point of most of the albums as I was looking through them. It was a good collection for my favorite day. I especially enjoyed the banjo-heavy Boogie into the light banjo feel to the start of the REM song. It's gotta be the only REM song that starts with banjo, so it was nice of them to fall together. Also, the shots from the end of the shooting of Mister Lennon into the drum solo beginning of the breaking levee created some nice imagery flow in my mind. Nice pairings all over the place!

* Acts I've seen live

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