Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tiptoe Through The Tulips: Indian Blood Peach

I really had no idea this was a peach tree -- there were no fruit last year. This year, however, we had tons of these little peaches.

The ones that weren't eaten up by birds were tasty and I enjoyed them all, since GB won't eat peaches (silly guy). The fruits are small -- maybe 2-3 inches in diameter -- and the stones were definitely a cling-type. Based on the varieties of peach that grow in this area, my best guess is that these are Indian Blood peaches, though it's quite likely I am wrong, and welcome whatever other suggestions I can get. I never noticed a flower, so I don't have that to review in the identification details, but just based on size, stone, and color, that's the one I settled on. There's another small tree in the front, so I look forward to the day that I can race the birds on two trees, instead of just one.


George said...

Shouldn't that be Native American Blood Peach?

Or perhaps Native American Casinos Are Our Lifeblood All You Can Eat Buffet Peach?

Stephanie said...

How do you guys get so lucky with fruit trees in your backyard? Didn't you have oranges in TX? We're doing good to have grass...and frogs. (We do not eat the frogs.)

Heather said...

George -- you're right -- maybe I should just stick to the Latin names so I don't go messing with the PC names for everything.

Stephanie -- We had loquat trees in Austin, and we would get completely overrun with loquats every summer. We do have oranges here, though...Stay tuned for that entry once the oranges are in full force!