Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Random Ten

Now we're into the realm of local Austin acts that Pandora doesn't know anything about. I really confused it with some of the options I through in there, so I don't think those will work in our little summer posting diversion here.

The next concert I went to that was from a recognizable band name was Cowboy Mouth in Austin. I remember a lot of alcohol was consumed at the concert and my ears rang until I fell asleep that night. You can read my recap of the second time I saw them, so I won't bore you with it. But I hope you'll enjoy watching a little of their Louisiana-Rock in this little live bit.

Here are the songs that were played with Cowboy Mouth as the inspirational starting point.

"This Much Fun" by Cowboy Mouth* on Voodoo Shoppe
"Run To The Water" by Live on Awake: The Best of Live
"The First Eviction Notice" by The Lawrence Arms on Apathy and Exhaustion
"Stay With You" by The Goo Goo Dolls on Stay With You
"Everybody Loves Jill" by Cowboy Mouth* on Easy
"Fire Escape" by Fastball on All the Pain Money Can Buy
"Longview" by Green Day on Dookie
"I Dare You" by Shinedown on Us And Them
"Everybody" by Gameface on Four To Go
"Let Me Hold It Open" by Cowboy Mouth* on Easy

I was surprised how low-key this batch of music really was, since I have Cowboy Mouth in my mind as being a loud, heavy-drumming sort of band. However, their studio recordings have a lot less of that in them, and that's got to be why we ended up with this calm group. Not bad, necessarily, but calm, and generally already known by me. And I was all set for loud and crazy stuff I'd never heard of.

* Acts I've seen live

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