Friday, August 08, 2008

My Favorite Day

In case you're not aware, my favorite day that I will ever live to see is today. August 8, 2008 -- 08/08/08.

I absolutely love the number 8. Besides the fact that I have Chinese roots, and 8 is the number of prosperity in the Chinese culture, there are so many other reasons to love the number.

I have previously indicated how big a nerd I am based on my love of numbers. 8 is no exception to that fun. Somewhere along the way, I recall a card game where you turn over a card with a number in it. You have cards in your hand that contain numbers and operators, and you have to put down a combination of cards that will result in the target number, with the object to get rid of all your cards faster than anyone else. So, for example, if the target number was 13, you might put down the five cards that go with 7 x 2 - 1. Along the lines of that game, with 8 as the target number, here are some fun little calculations.

I'm 32. Take 32 x 2 (the cubed root of 8) and you get 8 squared.

My street number is 2680. Rearranging the digits, that's 2 + 6 + 0 = 8

Yes, it's true. I'm a nerd. Regardless, I just can't help the octophilia that I've come down with. I've always loved 8, (don't you love how you can turn it on it's side and get the symbol for infinity? No? That's just me?), so this day is pretty darn cool. And I like today more than 08/08/88, even though that had more 8s, because of all the pretty symmetry on today's date.

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