Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Bloggin' Is A-Comin'

I have joined NaBloPoMo, which I found out about from Snickollet. It does virtually nothing, except indicate that I have promised to post every day in the month of November. And now that I'm on their blogroll, I guess there's no backing out now.

And since I like a challenge, I've decided to combine this with something else. I know it's silly, and I don't even come close to posting every day, so that will be enough of a challenge, right? Regardless, I need more. Years ago, my husband and I discussed one of his zany ideas to never eat anything the same twice in the same month. I don't think I'm quite that crazy, but I will be planning to cook something different for dinner every night for a month. I'll post recipes along with the fun. Some of them may be recipes I've never tried before, and therefore will be a crapshoot as to whether they'll be any good. Others will be tried-and-true favorites that keep us coming to the dinner table night after night. Well, those recipes and the hunger.

And now that I cook a lot (and am not going anywhere for Thanksgiving, so you'll get all my Turkey day recipes, too), I'm really thinking this should be doable. Here are my rules for myself on this:

1. It's the main dish that counts and can't be duplicated, not the sides. If it's a one-dish meal, then the whole meal counts.
2. Leftovers should be eaten for lunch, or frozen if we find we are becoming overwhelmed with too much food (I'm a German/Scandinavian Lutheran Texan -- a combo that always seems to result in more food than people to eat it).
3. If eating out for dinner looks likely, cook for lunch or breakfast instead. No cheating!!
4. No making up for a missed meal the next day.
5. No prepared meals -- the main dish must be homemade.
6. I can blog about other things, too, but I have to blog about our progress on this goal.

Okay, I think that's enough. Get ready for November!


cat said...

haha i'm excited!! and now i know where i get my quirkiness...FROM YOU!! haha i love it.

George said...

Heather--this is an interesting food idea...want to write an article about it for the Indy?

Drop me a note one way or the other at

Heather said...

George -- you just made my day! I'll definitely be in touch!