Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Random Ten

I have decided to allow iTunes to decide what I listen to today. Here is what it gave me.

"Tunnel of Love" by Dire Straits on Money For Nothing
"Hard Times" by Wayne Watson on A Beautiful Place
"Goodbye, Goodnight" by Jars of Clay* on If I Left the Zoo
"Children of the World" by Amy Grant on WOW 1996
"Language of the Soul" by PFR* on Disappear
"To Have and To Hold" by Depeche Mode on Music For the Masses
"Wassail, Wassail" by Mannheim Steamroller on Christmas Live
"Aware of Wonder" by Geoff Moore & The Distance* on A Friend Like U
"Daytime" by Cat Stevens on Footsteps in the Dark
"White Christmas" by Louis Armstrong from a CD a friend made for me

I guess now I can complain about Christmas music even before Thanksgiving. Except I really like Christmas music, all through the year. That's why I have all that in my general library to be picked up periodically.

*Acts I've seen live.


cat said...

i love christmas and before thanksgiving is NOT too soon to play them occasionally!!

cat said...

*i love christmas songs; and before thanksfiving is NOT too soon to play them occasionally!!

cat said...

i give up you know what i time i comment i won't do it after a football game when i'm tired!