Monday, October 08, 2007

Serious Talent Found Here

This weekend I noticed something strange on my leg: five parallel scabs that looked like they had to be caused by a bike gear and a yellow-purple bruise underneath them. The weird part was that I don't remember getting these injuries. Based on the age of the scabs, they correspond with Tuesday when I last rode my bike, but how can you cut your leg and just not notice?

Then, last night, I was frying fish, and splattered oil on my neck. Ew, oil burn. This morning I see I also got a splatter on my shoulder, but I didn't notice that one. Oops. Now I'll have a nice scar for that one. How do you not notice your flesh burning?

I'd like to think this has something to do with some astronomically high threshhold for pain. But, somehow I doubt it. It's more likely a study in distraction's effect on pain.

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cat said...!...then agian i shouldn't say anything either cause i do that all the time too. :)