Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Random Ten

My next concert in the pile was one at the Texas A&M campus, where Geoff Moore & The Distance were the opening act. These guys had a couple of good songs and a bunch of embarrassingly bad ones. I've decided to give you the video of a cover of The Who's "I'm Free" which they released just about when I saw them.

My mother-in-law comes later this afternoon for a long-weekend visit, so rather than go into too much detail about this part of the concert, which wasn't that great, I'll just tell you what Pandora gave me when I gave them this band's name.

"Change" by Waking Ashland on The Well
"Cry Me A River" by Pride & Glory on Pride & Glory
"Everybody Is Easy" by Burden Brothers on Mercy
"Please Take Her" by The Rave-Ups on Book of Your Regrets
"Ten Pins" by The Connells on Fun & Games
"Let's Go" by Tim Miller on Adelaide
"Down" by Austin Collins on Something Better
"Roses" by Woody Lissauer on Woody Lissauer
"Fun And Games" by The Connells on Fun & Games
"Drought of 2001" by Waking Ashlandon The Well

I got two duplicate groups, and no GMD (I think that means Pandora doesn't have an agreement with them to play their music and subsequently pay the royalties). As a result, I have an entire Random Ten without a song I've ever heard from from groups I've never heard of. These songs mostly sounded better than GMD, too, so I'm not sure what that means, but I generally approve of the items provided.

* Acts I've seen live


George said...

Ah, The Connells. Was completely into them back in 1993-94 or so, even with the lead singer who did too much Michael Stipe schtick and too many frat boy fans.

Heather said...

Glad someone had heard of some of these people. :)