Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Random Ten

The real reason I went to that GMD concert that I talked about last week was to see Rich Mullins. He was there with his Ragamuffin Band, and I have to tell you I was completely entranced. He came out on stage in a very unassuming demeanor with bare feet (which I especially noticed because I tended to walk similarly on campus -- it was actually how GB noticed me at first), and talked about the importance of living in peace and humility. It was obvious that was how he lived, clearly more at home in a small acoustic set where he could interact with the people that had come, than in a large, heavily-produced show.

I remember being so impressed with the wide variety of musical instruments that he played, especially when he sat down, cross-legged, on the stage and played the lap dulcimer. I would still love to learn how to play one. Stores that sell dulcimers should probably pay royalties to his charity, in recognition of his contribution to interest in the instrument. As such, I really wanted to give you a video of Rich playing one of these, and this is just such a video. Enjoy Rich Mullins on the hammered dulcimer in his take on the Apostle's Creed.

I found, however, that I couldn't give you just the one song. With the beautiful poetic metaphors he set to music and the additional instrumental mastery of the guitar and piano, I had to also give you my long-time favorite of his songs. Plus, I can't do a reprise of this feature -- I won't be seeing him in concert again, as he was killed in a car accident about eighteen months after I saw him in college. So, I hope you'll also listen to this one -- it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

Oh, and it appears I've found the reason for my previously unexplainable love of Kevin Spacey. Hmmm.

When I asked Pandora to make a station for me that captured the essence of the Rich Mullins sound, they did alright.

"Heaven In His Eyes" by Rich Mullins and a Ragamuffin Band* on The Jesus Record
"Kiss The Cheek Of The Moon" by Wayne Kirkpatrick on The Maple Room
"Captured" by Chris Tomlin* on The Early Years
"I'll Be Free" by Kent Bottenfield on Back In The Game
"God Of Wonders" by Caedmon's Call on In The Company Of Angels - A Call To Worship
"Stand Up" by Everyday Sunday on Stand Up
"Kindness" by Chris Tomlin* on The Early Years
"I Am" by Bebo Norman on Big Blue Sky
"I Wanna Be Clean" by Nick Gonzales Of Salvador on Acquire The Fire: Unshakeable
"A Place On The Earth" by Fernando Ortega on Storm

I generally think of Rich Mullins a little more folksy than this list turned out, but it was an interesting set of songs, anyway.

* Acts I've seen live

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