Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Reverse Vampire

This week, I went down to the blood center and donated a pint. So the title of this post refers to me. I don't need no stinking blood!

I haven't given blood for a long time. I've always done it when there was a blood drive being done where I was, but I hadn't sought it out since I sold plasma to supplement my grader's income in college. Recently, I decided it was high time to work towards completing that first gallon (two more to go). I found where to donate here in town, then proceeded to catch the flu. Once I'd been better for a while, I was ready to get in and lose some blood.

The process is quick, taking longer to determine if I'm healthy enough to give blood than to actually drain it out. Afterwards, as I drank orange juice and ate crackers, I found myself chatting with the phlebotomist about why more people don't donate blood. Since only 3% of eligible adults in the US actually donate, I just can't accept that all those people are needle-phobes. Apparently, most people don't donate because they've simply never been asked to do it.

So, I'm curious -- do you donate or don't you? If not, why not?


Anonymous said...

Maybe you wouldn't be so skinny if you kept your blood.


Stephanie said...

I used to give blood. Once I passed out afterwards, it was no longer fun. My dad has always given blood -- he enjoys it. He says after he gives blood he actually does not have headaches for a few days.

Heather said...

Anonymous -- I'm cracking up. Way to tie the two recent posts together!

Stephanie -- I totally understand the adverse reaction resistance. I'm still a bit wary of plasma and platelet donation for a similar reason.

James said...

I have, but not recently. No one ever asks. I can't remember the last time I saw a blood drive.