Thursday, January 05, 2006

Being an Aggie in Austin

For those of you who don't follow football or championship games or watch the news, you may not realize that the University of Texas beat the University of Southern California last night in the Rose Bowl. Good for them. It was a very exciting game to watch, and they can be proud of themselves.

That being said, while I live in Austin, I am not a Longhorn fan. I know, I know -- shocking. My husband and I both went to Texas A&M (and regardless of the fact that he's spent the last 7.5 years gettin' ejicated at UT, he still calls himself an Aggie). I am a very proud Aggie. I'm also aware that if it was the Aggies that just won the National Championship (don't stop me with trivialities like our 5-6 season this year -- this is just for illustrative purposes), I would be ecstatic. I would want everyone to know, and be happy for us.

That's just harder to do when the team that wants that from you is your biggest rival.

So, I am putting on my game face today. I will do my dead-level-best to be truly happy for them. Just please don't push it. I have a limited amount of happy-for-UT available.

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mr. kyle said...

Hook'em Heather. Hook'em.