Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is New Year's Day, in the Chinese zodiac calendar. We mark the change from the year of the Rooster to the year of the Dog. Woof!


Monica said...

Yea, dogs! Although I am a dragon, and I was told once that dragons and dogs are a bad combination, for whatever reason. I did hear, however, that the year of the dog is supposed to be fortunate, because in China the sound of a dog barking is similar to the Chinese word for prosperity.

Aaron said...

I'm a Rat. What does that mean? I can think of little virtue rats possess.

Heather said...

Rats are mostly evil. :P

My mother is a rat. They are apparently supposed to be hard working and frugal. Not compatible with dogs -- more appropriate for Monkeys, Oxen, and Dragons. :)