Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Silly Weekendness

This weekend, my husband and I partook in silly online personality and intelligence tests. We've now, with complete scientific certainty, determined that I am:
- Afflicted with fewer personality disorders than my husband
- Clinton, while he is Einstein
- Smarter than he is
- Christian, while my husband is Buddhist

Anyway, one of the tests we took was a measure of fluid intelligence: the ability to recognize patterns in a set of shapes. I felt like I was back in elementary school taking IQ tests. Conveniently, I've always tested well. And, apparently, I can find patterns.

This proved very helpful when I went to the grocery store. A little background on this: I buy gift cards from my church for my grocery shopping, and then my church gets 2% back on that. It doesn't cost me anything, so it's certainly worth it. My most recent card had $17.64 left on it. So, when I went to the store tonight, I knew that was my limit (it's the end of the month, and there's no money left for fun stuff like food). At the checkout stand, my total came to $16.74. Whew! But, my card was declined. So we tried it again. Declined. Apparently I only have 90 cents left on my card. Wait...that's how much there would be if they'd actually charged the $16.74. So I argued. And pulled out my last receipt that shows how much was left on the card. And they found a manager and fixed everything. And now I really do have 90 cents left on my card.

Good thing I can do math in my head. Otherwise, I'd be poorer than necessary.

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