Friday, January 20, 2006

Different Strokes

On my way home from work tonight, I was driving along, paying attention to the cars in front of me. I was almost home, when I saw a car on the side street looking like it was going to turn right onto my street. Meanwhile, a car in the middle lane was inching over to change lanes into that same right lane.

And they both did what they were looking like they were going to do. And they collided.

And then both kept driving. One continued on straight up the street in the middle lane, and the other turned right at the next street.

I just don't understand that behavior. I would have pulled off into one of several parking lots, made sure everyone was okay, and exchanged information (of course, I'm quite the rules follower). Even as a bystander, I was prepared to follow the two cars, and offer my services as a witness. But they, apparently, wouldn't have wanted them anyway.

I know that my area of the city is poorer, and there are probably quite a few folks without insurance. I also know there are pockets of illegal immigrants in the area. I'm sure neither group would be interested in any kind of car-related mishaps, but I guess it surprised me that these two cars held folks that seemed to be in one category or the other.

Are there other reasons not to stop if you've been involved in a car accident?


James said...

It's odd that they both kept driving. I figured one at least would stop.

Monica said...

It was bumper-to-bumper traffic, and my lane (which had been crawling) came to a dead stop. Out of nowhere, a black sportscar zipped around the U-Haul truck next to me and smashed into my car. The young man's car was non-functioning afterward, while mine only had a crunched bumper. Since he was obviously at fault and my damage was minor, he gave me his phone number to let him know what the repair costs would be, and I went on to work. I didn't feel like I really needed a new bumper, but I got an estimate anyway. Later, when I called him to tell him the shop said it would be $500 to replace my bumper, he YELLED at me that I was a stupid b-tch who didn't know how to drive and that I slammed on my brakes when I saw him coming (which I never saw) to get money out of him, while his car was totalled and I should pay HIM $5,000 for a new car. I cut my losses and still haven't replaced the bumper.