Monday, October 09, 2006

Marathon Training: Week 11

Last week was a pretty good running week. I did miss my first required 4-mile middle-of-the-week run, but I did all the optional runs to make up for it. Justification aside, the eleven-mile long run on Saturday felt great. I was even able to speed up about 1.5 minutes on the pace for my last mile to finish it out.

In several of my runs this week, I crossed some train tracks. I never actually heard or saw the train, but I know it comes through early in the morning on the weekend, because we've heard neighbors complain about the noise. Anyway, it came to my attention that there is a big sign along the tracks, where the train engineer could see it. That sign has a blinking red X that I assume means that the train shouldn't be coming that way -- that traffic is only lined up for the other way. My only question is, Is that really expected to work? I mean, trains take a long time to stop, and a little blinking red X sign doesn't seem the most effective way to avoid a head-on collision of trains.

"Sorry about that massive accident with the chemical fires and all the dead people. I saw the blinking X a mile back, but I just couldn't stop in time."

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