Sunday, October 15, 2006

Marathon Training: Week 12

All I can say is that it's a good thing this was scheduled to be an "easy" week. I had run my two 4-mile runs this week, and then on Thursday, I came down with the cold/flu that's been running around the office. I ran a low-grade fever Thursday and Friday, and proceeded to try to take care of myself. Saturday morning I got up and felt much better, and while I knew I was still not completely better, I figured if I ran slow I'd be okay. And besides, my long run was only scheduled to be 6 miles, so I figured that would be manageable. While I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, I don't always make good decisions.

About a mile in my fever was back, and I thought about quitting. But I didn't, and by mile 4 when I made the decision to quit, I was too far from the house to do anything but finish the mileage. I thought about asking the nice people that were out and about in their neighborhoods to give me a ride home. I wished I'd brought my cell phone to call someone to come get me. Regardless, that last hallucinatory mile was completed, and I can still say I have completed all my long runs on the program.

Now I'm back to sleeping and drinking lots of water to try to get back on the appropriate track for next week.

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