Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stuff in My Desk Drawer

I opened my drawer at work recently, and was sort of surprised by the random collection that resides there. Currently in that top drawer are:

  • a rubberband chain about eight feet long
  • additional rubberbands that never made it into the chain
  • packages of Orbit citrusmint flavor gum, which was my favorite for a week
  • the box for my desk phone's hands-free headset
  • containers of generic ibuprofen from Target and Albertson's
  • a container of Sortkwik, used to moisten fingers for faster and more accurate collation (which I do once a year in preparation for the client conference, but brought from Motorola where I hadn't collated anything in years)
  • a half-completed McDonalds Monopoly game board
  • four ketchup packets
  • a bag of honey-lemon cough drops
  • a protractor
  • assorted sizes of PostIt notes, all yellow
  • an assorted pile of paperclips, binder clips, and desk/chair hardware that I hope isn't necessary
  • two containers of sour apple Altoids
  • a pair of socks I must've worn a month ago, but in a fidgety conference call, removed
  • the owner's manual to my keyboard (longer than most keyboard manuals)

    Who keeps this kind of junk in their desk at work? Someone who's been there way too long, and is way too comfortable with staying right where they are. I guess it's a good thing our office is moving to a new building on Congress at the end of this week. It'll give me a good reason to throw away a whole lot of stuff that I should have been throwing away as I was going along.
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