Saturday, October 28, 2006

Marathon Training: Week 14

After a week and a half of lackluster commitment to running, I'm back. Being sick gave me an acceptable excuse for skipping a few runs, and that was all it took to get me back to my lazy non-running self. I skipped more than the few runs needed to get back to healthy, and I suffered for it. I even had the thought that maybe I wasn't cut out to do a marathon. I had the thought, but that doesn't mean I entertained it.

This week, starting Tuesday, I kicked myself in the rear and figured I better get moving again. I did just twelve miles this week, but the big thing is that I'm back on track. I'm now into the part of the training where I have a long run every other week, and the other week is half my long distances. The "long" run was just set to be six miles, and those six miles went well. It was just encouraging to have a good Saturday run to get back into it properly. And, after all the bad runs I've had in the multiples-of-six-mile runs, it was good to break that streak. Now I'm ready for this week, too.

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