Monday, August 14, 2006

Birthday Recap

This past week was pretty much consumed with birthday celebrating. Lots of it. Here's the recap.

Monday: Went out to dinner with my best friend here in Austin. We went out for fondue and girly drinks. So we ate and imbibed, and laughed excessively to the probable annoyance of those around us.

Tuesday: My husband and I went for really good steaks, and nice conversation just the two of us. It was very pleasant and relaxing.

Friday: Having nothing to do with my birthday, but adding to the celebratory nature of the week, my department at work went out to the lake for the afternoon and enjoyed barbecue and watersports. I hadn't skied in years, but I had a blast. I left a little early to take Shiner to his new home. Yep, he got adopted, and doesn't live at our humble abode any longer. Afterwards, my family arrived from Dallas, including my crazy sister from North Carolina. She had lined up this giant bogus story about going to a wedding in Bulgaria for the week, and how that was preventing her from coming here, but that's what her plan was all along. We went for Thai food at Titaya's, and even got one of our friends to lose his Thai food virginity (he approves).

Saturday: For brunch, the family all went for dim sum, which is a requirement for my birthday celebrating, since I have history in Hong Kong. Afterwards, my parents went home, leaving my sisters here for the afternoon's party. The inflatable cross between a moon-jump-thingy and a slip-n-slide arrived just after two, so we had some time to test it out before folks showed up. My other half went and picked up the fajitas and was generally awesome about setting up all the food. About 30 people came, and we had a blast. My best friend from college came up from Houston to celebrate, and it was great to see her. There ended up being more kids than I expected, so that was good, because the old people tired out after a few rounds. No serious injuries, which I think means people didn't consume an over-abundance of alcohol. By 9 I was completely wiped out, and we were down to less than ten people at that point. Someone suggested sixth street, and I just groaned. I guess that's me, getting older and not having the stamina I used to have.

Anyway, it was a great week of fun with lots of good company and food. Maybe I just enjoyed it because it was all about me, but regardless, it was good times.

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