Saturday, August 26, 2006

Marathon Training: Week 5

This was a tough week for me for running. There were two days when I just didn't want to get up and run. I'm glad I did, and feel better for it, but it became apparent how much harder this week was than last week's easy set of runs. I ended up skipping one of the two optional runs, and that made me a bit sad. Regardless, I did run seventeen miles this week, which is certainly a Heather-record. Never ran that much in so few days. Maybe 17 days, but not 7.

The thing I noticed most during my runs this week was that trash day is a really yucky day to run. Previously, I hadn't been running in neighborhoods as much as I am now, and the morning I had to run by 100s of trash cans made me want to puke more than any of my runs come anywhere close to doing. Ick.

Note to self: Run at the gym or around the track on trash day. Or drive somewhere that has a different trash day than my neighborhood.

Also, it's amazing how big everyone's trash cans really are. We have the smallest bin you can get from the city, and I can safely say it is not a popular size in our area. There were probably fifteen to twenty of the big gray ones for every one little green one. In other areas, they might even use the gigantic brown ones, but I didn't see any of those during this week's Run With the Trash.

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