Saturday, August 19, 2006

Marathon Training: Week 4

This week was a rest week. It's apparently important to rest every fourth week to prevent injury. As part of the plan, I only ran on Monday, Wednesday and today -- nine miles this week. The most interesting thing about that was that on Thursday I woke up and really wanted to run, but I wasn't allowed to. I didn't expect that to happen, and it surprised me. My long run this week was four miles -- the same as last week's. But I ran it three minutes faster this week, basically without trying. My run today felt good, and I was happy to be out on the streets. At the end of the run, I had gotten so into a rhythm that I really didn't want to stop, and walking felt foreign to my legs. If this is how they feel now, how much more will it be like that when I'm running real distances?

I've talked about how you see different things when you're on foot insted of in a car or on a bike. Today I noticed the house with the gutter cleaning advertisement sign in their yard, but no gutters. It was a funny little juxtaposition.

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James said...

You're right about seeing things differently when in a car, bike, and running. I've also noticed differences in perception between running and walking as when walking back after a long run. I notice even smaller things. Slowing down really changes what we see. I wonder what I'd see on a three mile crawl.