Sunday, August 13, 2006

Marathon Training: Week 3

This week was tough to keep up with all the runs with friends buying a house, family coming in town, and way too many days of birthday celebrating. I heard someone say that they always celebrate a birthday week, and I came pretty close for this year's entry.

Regardless, I completed 11 miles, including my 4 mile long run on Saturday. In two of the runs this week I had knee and shin pain, so I think I will need to strengthen the fronts of my shins in the coming weeks. No actual injury -- just crankiness of the legs. My right knee continues to pop periodically, so it's a good thing that the rest week is coming up.

There were two runs this week that were optional that I opted out of, and I'm disappointed as a result. But, I was encouraged that the 4-mile run was straightforward and uneventful, even if I did start out a little too fast.

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