Friday, February 23, 2007

Categories Are Fun

So, I've finally entered 2005 and started to categorize my blog entries. Of course, that could be because Blogger forced me to upgrade to their next version, and it does categories/labels by default. So, the other day I made up some categories and went back through my old posts and put them in the new areas. I hope you enjoy them. One day I might even update my template to the new format, and fix it up to be fancy like other people's blogs. Or I might just continue to compel you to come to my site for the witty banter and wonderful storytelling. HA!

If things start changing over here at Strangeness, it's not my fault. Blogger made me do it.


James said...

I like the category titles.

Heather said...

James, I'm glad you like them. I just wanted to come up with things that wouldn't let me take myself too seriously.