Sunday, February 11, 2007

Do You Want My Money?

I feel like I should start asking that question of the so-called "contractors" that I've been working with over the last few weeks. In trying to get the house on the market, we really need to paint it. The paint is peeling in some places, and it looks bad. Since the fabled curb appeal is lacking in a house with peeling paint, we're trying to correct that.

First, I called a guy who came very highly recommended from a friend. I was told he did good work, and was actually pretty cheap. Apparently, he was too cheap, and forgot to pay his phone bill. I was never able to get through to him.

Then, I called a guy who was recommended by a neighbor. I was able to get through to him, but he said he wouldn't be able to get to our house until the end of February. Since we want the house on the market sooner than that, I thanked him for his time and moved on.

Third, I called another recommended dude. This time, the guy had been told that we needed some work done, and I came home to a message on the machine from him that he was available to do the work. I figured, we're on the right track now! So, I called him back, and he came the next night to walk through the house and get an idea of what we wanted to do. He said he would get back to us with a quote in a day or two. At the end of day two, no contact. I left a message. The next day I sent an email. Still no response.

All I can figure is these people don't want my money. I guess I'm done with recommendations, and am moving on to the phone book. Maybe I'll have better luck there. And I'll start my queries with the title question. I'm sure that will help.

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